China sales SS316 Stainless Steel Anti-Bow Chain Standard Push Window Chain Anti-Sidebow Chain Free Design Custom

Merchandise Description

SS316 Stainless Steel Anti-Bow Chain Standard Push Window Chain Anti-Sidebow Chain

We can provide the anti-sidebow chain with large high quality and aggressive price, pitch is 9.525 or 12.70 mm.

1. Requirements: A sequence: ISO / ANSI 35-160, B collection: DIN /ISO 04B-72B
two. All with Simplex / Duplex / Triplex
3. Hues obtainable: Natural, Yellow, Blue, Gold, White, and Black, and so forth.
four. Content: Carbon metal /40Mn, Stainless Steel
5. Packing: A variety of packing, box / roll.
We are the top leading Chinese chain maker, and are specializing in different high top quality conveyor Chain. We comply with DIN, ANSI, or ISO normal as for every customer’s ask for.
We can supply chain as below:
one. Roller chains with straight side plate (A collection) 08A to 48A
2. Roller chains with straight facet plate (B collection): 04B to 48B
three. Brief pitch conveyor chain with attachments: O8A to 16B with attachment
4. Conveyor chain with particular attachments (A sequence): C08A-1 to C32A-three
five. Conveyor chain with specific attachments (B series): C08B-1 to C32B-three
6. Conveyor chain with unique attachments: A1, K1, WK1, WK2, WA1, WA2
7. Short pitch conveyor chain with extended pins: 40HP, 50HP, 60HP, 80HP.
eight. Conveyor chain with particular prolonged pins
nine. Double pitch conveyor chains
ten. Double pitch conveyor chain with attachments
eleven. Double pitch conveyor chain with unique attachments
12. Double pitch conveyor chain with prolonged pins
thirteen. Double additionally chains
14. Lumber conveyor chain & attachments
15. Sharp prime chains
sixteen. Roller chain with vulcanised elastomer profiles
17. Roller chain with U kind attachments
18. Roller chain with plastic attachments
19. Plastic chains
20. Roller chain with plastic rollers
21. Numerous conveyor chains
22. Conveyor chains(M sequence)
23. Conveyor chain with attachments(M sequence)
24. Conveyor chains(MT series)
25. Hollow pin conveyor chains(MC collection)
26. Conveyor chains(FV collection)
27. Conveyor chain with attachments(FV sequence)
28. Conveyor chains(FVT collection)
29. Hollow pin conveyor chains(FVC series)
thirty. Non-regular hollow pin conveyor chains
31. Conveyor chains(Z collection)
32. Conveyor chain with attachments(Z collection)
33. Conveyor chains(ZE series)
34. Hollow pin conveyor chains(ZC sequence)
35. Conveyor chains
36. Conveyor chain with attachments
37. Steel chains for sewage disposal
38. Special conveyor chains
39. Common motion conveyor chains
40. Conveyor chains for hoisting
41. Welded conveyor chains
42. Roller chains for textile machinery
forty three. Roller chains for folio transport(Gripper)
forty four. Support chains
forty five.78PF1 conveyor chains
forty six. Conveyor chains for paper mill
forty seven. Conveyor chains for metallic decorating system
forty eight. To best chain-curved movement
49. Double flex chains
fifty. Hollow pin chains
fifty one. Engineering bush chains
52. Engineering bush chain with attachments
fifty three. Escalator step-chains
54. Conveyor chains for metal mill
fifty five. Scraper conveyor chains
56. Welded steel chains
57. Welded steel chain with attachments
58. Metal pintle chain
59. Metal pintle chain with attachments
sixty. Conveyor chains for fibreboard equipment
61. Conveyor chains for crawler asphalt paver
62. Palm oil chains
63. Sugar chains
sixty four. Flat-prime conveyor chains

PITCH  nine.525 or twelve.70 Mm


Whether you are developing from scratch or updating an current undertaking, finding the proper dimensions for your roller chain is a vital first decision. To correctly evaluate a roller chain, you require to know the all round width, diameter, and width of the rollers, plate thickness, and top.

China sales SS316 Stainless Steel Anti-Bow Chain Standard Push Window Chain Anti-Sidebow Chain     Free Design Custom