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Merchandise Description

We can provide all kinds indutrial roller chains for transmission, this sort of as the DIN8187 or ANSI standard roller chains, and specialised in this line for much more than 10years, with great good quality and higher popularity in our consumers.
Merchandise identify: Roller Chain, chain, specific chain
Materials: 40Mn with heat-treated and with common thickness for plates

one) A series chains:
A) Simplex: twenty five-1 ~ 240-one
B) Duplex: 25-2 ~ 240-2
C) Triplex: 35-3 ~ 240-3
D) Quadruplex: 40-4 ~ 240-four
E) Quintuple: 40-5 ~ 240-5
F) Sextuple: forty-6 ~ 240-6
G) Octuple: forty-8 ~ 240-eight
two) B sequence chains:
A) Simplex: 04B-1 ~ 72B-1
B) Duplex: 04B-2 ~ 72B-2
C) Triplex: 06B-3 ~ 72B-three
D) Quadruplex: 08B-4 ~ 48B-4
E) Quintuple: 08B-5 ~ 48B-five
F) Sextuple: 08B-6 ~ 48B-6
G) Octuple: 08B-8 ~ 48B-8
3) Colours accessible: All-natural, yellow, blue, black
4) Supplies: Carbon steel, stainless steel-304
5) also can be nickled plated or zinc plated for the chain components

Silent chain, also known as inverted tooth chain. It is made to get rid of the unwell results of stretching and generate a tranquil stroll. As the chain is stretched and the pitch of the chain boosts, the radius that the chainrings journey over the sprocket tooth increases somewhat.

China shop Welded Steel Chain Conveyor Chain (WR78/WH124)     Best Sales