High Quality Telescopic Container Spreader

High Quality Telescopic Container Spreader

Solution Description:

A telescopic spreader for lifting masses of different lengths i.e. load-holders or containers, comprising a major beam and inside of its longitude at least two opposingly movable telescopic beams. These have at their outer ends signifies for coupling to the load to be lifted. The primary beam has extensions at its upper gable finishes which extend out almost as considerably as that on the identical side telescopic beam’s  outer finish when that telescopic beam is in its innermost position. Each extension  is created to acknowledge the extended internal stop or that in the reverse route extensible telescope beam when in its innermost portion. By the creation the forces the primary beam are reduced thus rendering the beam a lighter excess weight.


• Telescopic travel belt rather of chain to lessen sound, fat and servicing
• Secure and effortless accessibility to telescopic generate and components because of to mono beam layout.


CZPT Parameters

For Procedure With ISO CZPT 20′ Container  For Operation With ISO CZPT 40′ Container
Rated Lifting Load 35t Rated Lifting Load 40t
Self-Bodyweight 2t Self-Excess weight 3.5t
Allowable Load Eccentricity 10% Allowable Load Eccentricity 10%
CZPT Stroke 100mm CZPT Stroke 100mm
Ambient Temperature  -20ºC~ +45ºC Ambient Temperature -20ºC~ +45ºC
Twistlock Method  ISO Floating Twistlock, Pushed by a Automated CZPT Twistlock Manner ISO Floating Twistlock, Driven by a Computerized CZPT
Flippers Unit No Power, Mounted Flippers Flippers Gadget No Power, Fixed Flippers
Software Portal Crane, Gantry Crane, Crane in the Plant Software Portal Crane, Gantry Crane, Crane in the Plant

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Packing & Transport:

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High Quality Telescopic Container Spreader