Industrial Chain Driven Garlic Peeler with High Capacity

Industrial Chain Driven Garlic Peeler with High Capacity

Automatic garlic powder creation line Introduction:

This garlic powder production line is mostly used for garlic separating and peeling in large quantity, it consists of elevator, garlic bulbs separating equipment, selecting line, garlic peeling equipment and completed product finding line. Equipped with slicing device, dicing machine, bubble cleaning machine, air dryer, drying equipment, and other gear, the garlic separating and peeling creation line can be utilised to do garlic deep processing like dehydrated garlic slices, garlic powder, mashed garlic, onion and other products. Adopting innovative engineering and substantial garlic yield, it is at present the most perfect equipment for garlic processing.
Positive aspects:
This Garlic processing manufacturing line is made of Elevating machine, Garlic clove separating machine, Choosing line, Elevating machine, Garlic peeling equipment, Selecting line,also could be equiped slicing machine,dicing machine,bubble cleaning equipment, Air drying equipment,Grinder, fruit drying machine and so on.
Product Characteristic:
 This products has higher processing pace,preserve labor.There is no harm to the garlic and is of high peeling fee 99%, ideal for huge-scale manufacturing and processing.
CZPT Parameter:

Equipments Electrical power Total dimension
Elevating machine .75kw/380v/50hz 2400x670x2150mm
Garlic clove separating device .75kw/380v/50Hz 690x710x1050mm
Finding line .75kw/380v/50hz 3000x700x700mm
Elevating device .75kw/380v/50hz 2400x670x2150mm
Garlic peeling device .2kw/220v/50Hz 740x740x1685mm
Selecting line .75kw/380v/50hz 3000x700x700mm
Garlic Bubble Washing Machine one.87kw/380v/50hz 3000x1300x1400mm
Elevating device .75kw/380v/50hz 2400x670x2150mm
Garlic Air Drying Device 9kw/380v/50hz 4000*1200*1600
Elevating Device .75kw/380v/50hz 2400x670x2150mm
Garlic Grinder one.5kw/380v/50hz 900*550*1200mm
Capability 300-400kg/h

The flowchart of garlic separating and peeling production consists of the adhering to steps:
Garlic–Root Slicing–Grading–elevating–garlic bulb separating–selecting–elevating–garlic peeling–Washing–Cooling–Slicing–Dehydrating–Grinding–final merchandise finding–packing 

one. CZPT: the elevator is employed to send the garlic into the separating device and peeling device evenly.
2. Garlic bulbs separating equipment: separating the garlic bulbs into garlic cloves which can be utilized to peel. Stripping charge can get to ninety eight%.

three. Garlic peeling device: using air automatic peeling, automated separation of pores and skin and garlic cloves, peeling thoroughly clean and injury-totally free.

4. Choosing line: choose the unqualified garlic by handbook finding to boost the garlic good quality.

Ginger powder processing device:

1. Ginger Cleansing and Peeling Device: We have two distinct equipment for various clients.
Big ability is mainly applied to totally computerized manufacturing traces, and person or modest factories can clean the peeling machine with a small capacity.
2. Ginger slicer: ginger, banana, bamboo shoots, radish, potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro, cucumber, and many others. strips of globose fruit are rapidly cut into silk or sliced, suitable for chopping bamboo shoots, can be CZPT by knife set to attain diverse thicknesses for slicing.
three. Blanching machine: Soon after the lower ginger pieces are put in the blanching equipment, the ginger pieces can be washed and the shade of the ginger pieces can be held unchanged.
four. Dewatering equipment: Centrifugal dewatering machine has high dehydration efficiency and efficiently safeguards the shade and good quality of the substance by itself.
5. Dryer: We have two different dryers, mesh belt and box kind. They also have different potential for buyers to pick.
six. Grinding machine: It is mostly to grind the dried ginger parts into powder, and the ginger powder can be right packaged. The mill number can be employed to grind cereals for a wide variety of applications.

  1. Packing equipment: The powder packaging equipment mainly packs powdery components, and the entire procedure is totally automated.

Parameters of Ginger powder manufacturing line:

Machine Mane Electrical power Voltage Dimension
Ginger Washing 
Peeling Machine
2.two kw 380V50Hz3PH 1800*850*800mm
Ginger Picking Belt .75kw 380V50Hz3PH 3000*800*900mm
Ginger Slicing Machine one.1kw 220V50Hz1PH 690*560*880mm
Ginger Blenching Machine 60 kw 380V50Hz3PH 4000*1100*1400 mm
Dehydrator equipment 4kw 380V50Hz3PH 1400*1400*700
Ginger Drying Machine 300kw 380V50Hz3PH ten thousand*2200*2000mm
Ginger Powder 
Grinding Machine
11kw 380V50Hz3PH 7000*a thousand*2400mm
Ginger Power 
Packing Machine
4kw 380V50Hz3PH seven hundred*900*2100mm

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Industrial Chain Driven Garlic Peeler with High Capacity