Wide Series Welded Steel Chain Attachments

Wide Series Welded Steel Chain Attachments

Broad Sequence Welded Metal Chain Attachments

We can design and style and supply distinct variations of chain attachments for our vast series welded steel chains, so as to meet clients’ particular software requires.We typically make the attachments with the same or larger corrosion resistance, tensile energy, and other performances with our chains, so as to make certain they can satisfy the certain application needs of matching chains. Adhering to are the chain attachment dimensions and the product quantity of corresponding chains.

We can also design and style and generate goods in accordance to your design and style attracts and specifications. Consequently, if you require any specific sort of merchandise, remember to make contact with us straight.

We make WDH and WDR series.

Matching Chain No. Attachment Dimension
B mm H mm T mm
WDH110 152.4 12.seven 609
WDR110 152.four twelve.seven 609


Matching Chain No. Attachment Dimension
B mm H1 mm H2 mm T mm W mm
WDH110 76.two 44.forty five 63.five 9.five 302.seven
WDR110 seventy six.two 44.forty five 63.5 nine.five 302.seven
WDH112 seventy six.two 44.45 63.5 9.five 302.7
WDR112 76.two 44.45 sixty three.5 nine.5 302.seven
WDH2210 76.2 forty four.45 63.five 9.five 302.seven
WDR2210 76.2 44.forty five sixty three.five 9.5 302.7
WDH120 seventy six.2 fifty seven.15 eighty two.55 12.seven 313.4
WDR120 76.2 57.fifteen eighty two.55 12.7 313.four
WDH480 seventy six.two fifty seven.15 82.55 12.seven 377
WDR480 seventy six.two 57.fifteen eighty two.fifty five 12.7 377
WDH2380 seventy six.two 57.15 82.fifty five 12.seven 377
WDR2380 76.2 fifty seven.15 82.55 12.seven 377


Attachment Type Matching Chain No. Attachment Dimension
B mm H mm T mm b1 mm
C1 WDH110 nine.five sixty.5 nine.5 231.five
C1 WDR110 nine.five 60.five nine.five 231.5
C1 WDH112 9.5 60.5 nine.five 231.five
C1 WDR112 9.5 sixty.five nine.5 231.5
C3 WDH120 twelve.seven seventy six.two twelve.seven 222.two
C3 WDR120 twelve.seven 76.2 12.seven 222.2
C3 WDH480 12.7 76.2 12.seven 285.7
C3 WDR480 12.7 76.2 12.7 285.seven
C4 WDH110 9.five ninety five.25 nine.5 231.five
C4 WDR110 9.5 95.25 9.five 231.5
C4 WDH112 9.five ninety five.twenty five 9.5 231.five
C4 WDR112 nine.five 95.25 9.five 231.5
C4 WDH480 12.seven 127 twelve.seven 285.7
C4 WDR480 12.7 127 12.7 285.7
C4 WDH580 twelve.7 127 twelve.7 285.seven
C4 WDR580 twelve.seven 127 12.seven 285.7

Matching Chain No. Attachment Dimension
B mm H mm T mm W mm
WDH110 sixty six.8 38.one 9.5 431.eight
WDR110 sixty six.eight 38.1 9.five 431.eight
WDH112 82.six 38.one nine.5 431.eight
WDR112 82.six 38.1 nine.five 431.eight
WDH2210 57.two 38.1 nine.5 431.eight
WDR2210 fifty seven.2 38.1 9.five 431.eight
WDH120 82.six 50.eight 12.seven 431.eight
WDR120 eighty two.six fifty.eight 12.7 431.eight
WDH2380 82.six 50.8 nine.5 558.8
WDR2380 eighty two.six fifty.8 nine.five 558.8
WDH480 82.6 50.eight 12.seven 558.8
WDR480 eighty two.6 fifty.eight twelve.seven 558.8

For a lot more than twenty years, we have targeted on customized chains.

For a lot more than twenty years, We have accomplished hundreds of various kinds of industrial chains.

So we have a wealth of customized chain expertise.

Here are some of the types of the chains.


Wide Series Welded Steel Chain Attachments