2500X5000mm ASME Certified Industrial Rubber Vulcanizating Autoclave with Full Automation

2500X5000mm ASME Certified Industrial Rubber Vulcanizating Autoclave with Full Automation

1. Apps of CZPT Vulcanization Autoclave

Rubber vulcanization is a chemical process at a given strain, temperature and time for changing all-natural rubber into more resilient components by the addition of sulfur. These additives modify the polymer by forming cross-links (bridges) in between person polymer chains. Vulcanized supplies are much less sticky and have superior mechanical houses. And vulcanization autoclave is utilised widely for this chemical approach. The major items are galoshes, rubber tubes, cable, rubber roller, rubber ball, etc.In this discipline, CZPT has been the leader, as we have accrued complete vulcanization experience and engineering for numerous several years.

two. Fundamental Design and style Info

two.1 Model and Size

  • Autoclave product:    SN-LHGR2550
  • Powerful diameter:  2500mm
  • Efficient size:      5000mm

  Definition:  * Effective diameter is the inner diameter of the autoclave.

                    * Successful length is to stage to do the real size of the shell.

2.two Manufacturing Capacity

  • Operating circle of autoclave: can be set according to the doing work procedure
  • Max size of pulley:                Ø2000X5000mm

2.3 CZPT Power

  • Operating voltage:          380V (AC)±5%, 3 stage, fifty Hz
  • Manage electrical power:                220VAC/50Hz/24VDC

2.4 H2o, Air and Steam Source

  • Cooling h2o intake:         ~4m3/h
  • Cooling drinking water pressure:               min.3 bar ~ max. 6 bar
  • Manage air of control gear:   5 ~ 7bar
  • Steam ability:                            2t/h

two.5 Environmental Conditions

  • Max. air temperature:     +50ºC
  • Min air temperature:       -5ºC
  • Relative Humidity:          <80%
  • Altitude:                          <2000m

3. CZPT Attribute and Functioning Procedure

3.1. CZPT Feature
Autoclaves with direct steam: heating and pressurization are carried out with steam. This heating technique is notably effective and indicated for goods of huge sizes and weight. The temperature uniformity which typically differs in between ±2°C,the exchange potential, taking place with condensation on colder surfaces, coupled with examined installations, enable to obtain excellent final results.

three.2 Working Process

three.two.1 CZPT curing recipe

  Temp. setpoint Push. setpoint Temp. phase duration Press. step duration
Segment1 T1 P1 t one P-t1
Segment2 T2 P2 t two P-t2
Segment3 T3 P3 t three P-t3
Segment4 T4 P4 t four P-t4
Segment5 T5 P5 t 5 P-t5
Segment6 T6   t six  
Segment7 T7   t seven  
Segment8 T8   t 8  
Segment9 T9   t 9  
Segment10 T10   t ten  
Segment11 T11   t 11  
Segment12 T12   t twelve  
Segment13 T13   t thirteen  
Segment14 T14   t fourteen  
Segment15 T15   t 15  

three.two.two A quick curing recipe case in point

4. Gear CZPT Specifics

four.1 Pressure Vessel

CZPT Stress Vessel with quick-opening door, can be certified to:

  • CHINESE STHangCZPTRD, GB150-2011
  • EUROPEAN STHangCZPTRD PED ninety seven/23/EC with CE certification.

4.2 CZPT System

  • The closing program of the autoclave is the indented kind assisted with a hydraulic system, in buy to speedily and secured make a totally airtight closing.
  • The complete method is composed of 3 elements: a pair of gear flange, pushed products and seal ring.
  • CZPTally operated door opening and closing. It is controlled by PLC program.
  • The seal ring is produced of silicon rubber.
  • Safety pressure sensors have to stop doorway opening in situation of pressure (authorized much less than .1 bars).

4.3 Thermal Insulation Program
Interior Insulation and Exterior Insulation
We use ceramic fiber as the insulation material. The warmth transfer coefficient is extremely low to make the warmth decline to a bare minimum. The covering board of ceramic fiber is stainless metal. It is corrosion resistant and appears great. Inside insulation design can get a minimal strength usage, although exterior insulation layout gets a higher one, but a greater temperature uniformity.

  • Insulation:Internal insulation layer
  • Insulation content:Ceramic fiber 
  • External sheet steel: stainless metal,one. mm
  • Insulation thickness:100mm

 four.4 Heating System

  • The heating technique is a oblique steam variety.
  • The indirect technique will be via stainless-steel or copper tubing kind heat exchanger placed on the rear side of the autoclave between supporter and merchandise. The stream have to go from material to enthusiast, then go entrance door making use of vessel side to material
  • Heating Exchanger material :304 Stainless-steel with aluminum fin or copper tubing aluminum fin
  • Heating Exchanger sort: Multi-row finned tubing

4.5 Air Recirculating Technique

  • Very hot air circulating duct
    Annular air-duct placed on the two side of the autoclave inside as the CZPT air shipping and delivery program. This design characteristics make the temperature more uniform, and doing work area far more huge.  
  • The Motor admirer for circulation
    The motor is bolted to the rear of the autoclave, it drives the enthusiast straight.
  • Parameters of circulating admirer
    Electrical power:eighteen.5KW,6-pole, 3phase
    Connecting structure:direct-linked
    Rated rotate velocity:960r/min(380V/50HZ)
    Fan wheel:seven# centrifugal impeller(Diameter:700mm),
    Wind stress:1000Pa,
    Flow rate:12800 Mthree/h.
  • Shaft sealing
    Doing work with drinking water cooling to promise a long life, the shaft water cooling with different drinking water pump and flow swap to be fitted to keep track of water stream and automatically alarm/quit the cycle if there is not enough water stream.

four.six Temperature monitoring components 
Temperature thermocouples: two pcs, K variety, which includes HMI monitoring, info-acquisition and management.

four.7 Pressure Factors

  • Inlet and exhaust valve, proportionally controlled, CZPT control valve.
  • Handbook exhaust valve, three-piece ball valve.
  • Stress transducer: 1
  • Accuracy: +/- 50mbar
  • Stress gauge:1

four.8 Control Technique

  • Management Program is developed based on the study and development toward rubber vulcanization processing market, such as the PLC central controlling part, contact display screen (HIM) procedure method and community, it is a user friendly, point out of the art, programmable digital system.
  • Password safeguarded entry access, operator can log into the technique by accessing the security login form with a identify and password.
  • It is automatic managing, recording and graph the temperatures and strain of the autoclave, audible alarms for high or minimal temperatures or strain.
  • Manual procedure monitor makes it possible for operator take manual control temperature, stress, and valves as authorized.
  • It can insert or preserve the product working recipe, show the strain and temperature curve whenever and its paperless record purpose can comprehend report, save and check of technique curve and procedure parameters.
  • It has over-temperature and overpressure alarm and a variety of protection protection capabilities.
  • CZPTer can work register, login and typing in merchandise data, and recognize intranet or remote management. 
  • Conversation to a Personal Laptop authorized (Teamviewer ), with constructed in software to program, file and graph of procedure in real time.
  • Internet relationship by way of Group-Viewer (VPN) with our Company.

4.9 Safety Program

four.9.1 Mechanical basic safety interlock I
Safety limit manage is interlocked with the lid. Personnel have to turn the handle to unlock the  safety device then the lid can be opened.

four.nine.2 CZPTal security interlock II
The protection unit works with security restrict manage and connects with our ECC. When employees run the reducer and safety limit take care of, while there is stress in the autoclave, the ECC will give a seem-mild alarm.

four.nine.3 Safety valves
There is one safety valves on the leading of autoclave. We have set a strain limit in the valves. When the strain exceed the limit, the valves will work routinely to release the air down to a affordable pressure assortment.

5. Configurations of Autoclave

  • HMI: Wenview touch display, ZheJiang
  • PLC: Siemens
  • Major electrical ingredient : Schneider,China
  • Restricted swap: Omron
  • Autoclave Shell: ASME/PED/GB, CZPT
  • CZPT components: Hualiang, China

Manage cabinet in accordance to CE standards

six. System CZPT Check out (Oblique steam heating)

7. Packing

8.one  The gear will be appropriately packed / wrapped thinking about prolonged-distance ocean and land transportation and rough handling that could come about in the absence of each events.
eight.two  Proper security from moisture, rust, mould, scratches, shaking, and many others, will be taken so that the goods could arrive at the installation site in very good problem.
8.three  Shipping marks and warning signed will be evidently painted, and detailed packing checklist (in English/Espanol) will be soundly connected, to the exterior of the packing.

eight. Autoclave Specification

No. Description Unit Specifications and Parameters
one Effective Working Diameter mm 2500
2 Effective Working Length mm 5000
3 Autoclave Track Distance mm 950
4 Design Pressure MPa 1
5 Max. Working Pressure MPa .eight
six Safety Valve Exhaust MPa .eighty five
seven Design Temperature ºC one hundred eighty
8 Max. Working Temperature ºC a hundred and sixty
9 Temperature Uniformity at Steady State ºC ±2
10 Openning CZPT Mode CZPT
11 Working Medium Compressed Air
12 Heating Mode CZPT (Convection+Radiation)
thirteen Heating Power KW 162
14 Quantity of Circulating Fan Motor Established one
fifteen Quantity of Circulating Fan Motor KW fifteen
sixteen Thermocouple Type Type K or J
seventeen Vaccum Lines Piece
18 Quantity of Vaccum Pressure Transducer Piece
19 CZPT Control Mode PLC+Personal computer
20 Control Software  Thermal Processing Control (TPC)
21 Insulation Type Inner
22 Insulation Material Ceramic Fiber
23 Insulation Thickness mm 80
24 Insulation Sheet Material Stainless Steel or Aluminized Steel
twenty five Working Environment Temperature ºC Min. -20ºC, ,Max. +45ºC
26 Working Environment Humidity <60%
27 Power Supply 220/380VAC, 3P+N+PE, 50/60Hz
28 Fat KG 14990

nine. Professional Workshop

ten. CZPT CZPT Turnkey Initiatives

With the experience of manufacture and support for fifteen several years, our skilled staff are able to offer the international turnkey undertaking, such as a expert education. CZPT autoclaves can be created as ASEM, PED, Advertisement requirements, as effectively as our Chinese regular.

From the CZPT Staff, with 15 years of experience.


2500X5000mm ASME Certified Industrial Rubber Vulcanizating Autoclave with Full Automation