Al-3800I Full Automatic Multi-Function Air Conditioner Assembly Line

Al-3800I Full Automatic Multi-Function Air Conditioner Assembly Line


AL-3800I Total Computerized Multi-purpose Air ConditionerAssembly Line

It is Suited for automatic manufacturing of multi-perform air conditioning, precision air conditioning, huge heat pump scorching air (very hot h2o) equipment and other equipment

The manage method of the whole line is developed with computerized control technologies and adopts centralized energy distribution and centralized control method to satisfy different management and checking features of the automated control of the whole line the operation manner of every single transmission line of the entire line is computerized ongoing procedure, and the assembly line and trolley line adopt variable frequency velocity regulation, which can be unified and built-in in proportion to achieve dependable synchronization, or single line impartial velocity regulation

The automated creation line is equipped with crisis end, pause and procedure stations to realize complete line end, resume operation and audible and visible alarm lights

The automatic creation line human body is outfitted with the upper personal computer to accomplish the knowledge interaction and transmission between the line physique and the take a look at gear and coordinate the procedure

The line physique is configured or reserved with FRID info interface and PLC enter and output details to aid information selection of shutdown, output, top quality, test, and so forth

For the power rolling line, the drum is pushed by a solitary chain, anti-skid steel plate is put in in between the drums, and the energy component is driven by a reduction motor, which can be pressed three-five in accordance to the certain design.

Meter set motor push

Board chain line, unbiased speed handle, line velocity making use of frequency management, line entire body velocity to fulfill the commence, gradually fast, steady rapidly, slow, quit higher-pace elevator procedure method, and outfitted with overload security system, to ensure the steadiness of the travel, and speed adjustable

Existence body structure
For the specialty of air conditioning items, the whole established of computerized production line is outfitted with assembly main human body, electricity rolling line, plate chain line, rotating system, jacking and translation system,

CZPT station, halogen inspection space, security verify tools, commodity inspection system, packaging gear, and so on

The program is created in accordance with the principle of ergonomics of operating method design and style, which conforms to the male-equipment theory, minimizes the technological motion, and is hassle-free and risk-free to function.

he system style fully considers the gear operation reliability and the layout of no upkeep method, increases the operation steadiness, lowers the failure price and is hassle-free for upkeep At the very same time, open construction design is adopted to facilitate selection and design transformation and upgrade of gear technologies.

Solution specification

Sequence Line Package Size (MM) Excess weight(KG) Highest beat  (S) Bare minimum defeat (S)
Size Width Peak
Outdoor Unit AW2L 937 436 705 fifty four 123 seventy seven
Outside Device AW5L 1039 484 850 sixty eight 142 ninety
Out of doors Device AW5L 1110 460 1200 110 159 96
Outdoor Device AW6L 1110 460 1530 one hundred thirty 180 108

Product attribute

  1. Nicely design and style, stable operation of the line
  2. Manufacturing conquer of line: thirteen-35 sets / hour
  3. Line production layout defeat: seventy seven-202s / established, adjustable
  4. The line gear is linked to the drum line physique for stable procedure
  5. Created in accordance to domestic and global specifications, common parts or common areas are adopted for simple routine maintenance
  6. Load bearing parts are manufactured of high power and large rigidity supplies
  7. Manufacturing line rotating areas, adaptable procedure, 24-hour ongoing procedure
  8. The manufacturing line tools can be operated in the setting of eighty five% RH, ºC ~ 40 ºC
  9. It is made with mute technology and the operating noise is much less than 70dB
  10. The style of the equipment conforms to the theory of man-machine, hassle-free and protected operation
  11. Stable operation, lower failure price and effortless routine maintenance
  12. Open framework, straightforward to modify varieties, versions and up grade tools technology

Product construction

  1. Push on-line stability crane
  2. Whole equipment on-line suction crane
  3. Vacuum pump
  4. Vacuum line evacuation technique
  5. Fluorine injection equipment
  6. Halogen detector
  7. Brine inspection room
  8. Commodity inspection space
  9. Commodity inspection and screening technique
  10. CZPT machine
  11. Working condition air conditioning
  12. Refrigerant restoration machine
  13. Packer
  14. Sealing equipment
  15. Automated stacking
  16. Down line suction crane
  17. Pallet warehouse
  18. CZPTal control program
  19. Lights technique
  20. Rotary desk, and so forth

Style specification

  1. The overall layout quality and installation specifications of the equipment are in line with the national expectations.
  2. Style framework and procedure specifications, lovely visual appeal
  3. Gear efficiency design regular layout is adopted for noise, vibration and temperature rise, as effectively as force
  4. Inside of permissible boundaries
  5. The uncooked components and parts of the equipment shall undertake the substantial quality goods controlled by domestic and global requirements
  6. Design based on standardization and universality

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Al-3800I Full Automatic Multi-Function Air Conditioner Assembly Line