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Welcome To Qing Dao CZPT Rigging Hardware CO.,LTD & Hope Our Goods &Service Will Satisfy with U .
We’re expert manufacturer&exporter from 2002&have own manufacturing facility can Handle Every single Phase Of Items.
If You Require Any Of : Wire Rope Clamp ,Turnbuckle, Shackle,Wire Rope,Hook,Thimble,Link Chain ,Stainless
Steel Rigging Marine Hardware ,DIN580&DIN582 And So On ,Pls Make contact with  Us CZPT any hesitation.
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one)  Product Description : 

2) Manufacture & Export :
We’re Specialist Company & Exporter of sorts of wire rope clips from  2002.

A lot more Informations for your reference :

 2) Other Names Δ Galvanized. Melleable Type DIN741 wire rope clips 
Δ Zinc Plated Solid Iron DIN741 Cable Clamps
Δ Galvanized. Melleable Type DIN741 wire rope clamps
3) Other Variety Δ DIN 741 wire rope clips 
Δ DIN 1142 wire rope clips 
 Δ Wire Rope clips A Type
 Δ Wire Rope clips B Type
ΔU.S. Variety Drop Cast Steel Wire Rope Clips

3)Other Variety:
DIN741Commercial Malleable Wire Rope Clamp
US Cast Type Wire Rope Clips
JIS Solid Type Wire Rope Clips
US Malleable Type Wire Rope Clamp
Malleable A /B Type Wire Rope Clips
BS462 Malleable Type Wire Rope Clamp
DIN1142 Type Wire Rope Clamp

four)Primarily export to : 
European nations around the world, United states, Canada, Australia,  Japan,Korea, Singapore,India ,Dubai,south Afria.
5)Ability :
We have our very own factory and we can handle every phase ourseves .

Free of charge samples can be posted CZPT for check out and test .

Waiting around for  our satisfaction cooperations.
Great Track record is significantly a lot more Important than Golden .

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China OEM Rigging Hardware Zinc Plated Cast Iron DIN741 Cable Clamps     manufacturer