Professional Trencher Machine Digging Clay Equipment

Professional Trencher Machine Digging Clay Equipment

Expert Trencher Device Digging Clay Gear

A Digging machine is a piece of development tools employed to dig trenches, specifically for laying pipes or electrical cables, for setting up drainage, or in planning for trench warfare. Trenchers may range in size from stroll-powering types, to attachments for a skid loader or tractor, to really heavy tracked hefty gear.
CZPT trenching device is mainly utilised in Trenching in engineering construction. It has the dual function of trenching and backfilling. The device is compact and flexible. It is appropriate for trenching under narrow setting and severe circumstances.
CZPT trencher is commonly used in the design of communication cables, optical cables, various water pipes, petroleum pipelines and municipal pipelines.
The edge of the excavator can not be realized. The width of the trench can be adjusted amongst twelve and twenty cm. The optimum depth of the trench is 140 cm. The trench wall is neat, productive, useful and easy to run. The efficiency is three-5 instances of that of the excavator. At the identical time, the design price of the gear is one/two of that of the excavator.

specialized parameter

Total equipment excess weight: 1350KG

Engine rated power: 29.five kw

Engine velocity: 2400 rpm

Minimum trench width: twelve cm

Greatest trenching depth: 140 cm

Digging speed: > 180m/h

Climbing capability: <30


Professional Trencher Machine Digging Clay Equipment