Sqre4t15c 1.5L TCI Petrol Enigne for SUV MPV 108kw

Sqre4t15c 1.5L TCI Petrol Enigne for SUV MPV 108kw

Principal Functions :
E4T15C  engine adopts Transistor managed ignition (TCI), inline four-cylinder (type L4), double overhead camshaft (DOHC), 16 valves, timing silent chain, CZPT variable valve timing (DVVT), variable induction program (VIS). 


Solid cylinder block
CZPT overhead camshaft
Higher functionality ignition
Equal duration upturned intake manifold


Stable and dependable
Long-lived(above 1,150 several hours toughness verification)
Great marketing in American and CZPTpean market place


Minimal expense
Practical upkeep
Low cost maintenance


Good begin functionality
Great functionality in torque at minimal speed
Minimal gasoline consumption

E4T15C Engine is made up of Chery and joint investigation and growth, with AVL firm includes honeywell turbocharger, berg warner provide the timing chain composition, the schaeffler valve-practice of numerous global nicely-recognized provider of products, this sort of as the luxurious manufacturers and joint enterprise brands typically employed integrated technology of exhaust manifold and consumption manifold integrated water cooled chilly equipment, superior technology, greatest energy 108 kw, peak torque of 210 N.m.The greatest emphasize of this new 1.5t engine lies in the specialized optimization of strengthening combustion system, cooling program, reducing friction and so on, which tends to make the thermal performance index achieve 37.1%, turning into the winner amongst all engines of Chinese brands at present.

Sqre4t15c 1.5L TCI Petrol Enigne for SUV MPV 108kw